I am pleased to provide this account of our property management relationship. During our 10+ years of professional relationship, I have been impressed by your unique talents, work ethic and integrity....Your skills have blossomed and the results of trusting you with property management accounts have provided excellent results without exception. I am particularly impressed with your ability to identify, train, motivate and retain superior people - a reflection on your character. Your people consistently accomplish great things that add value to my investments. Thank you for your excellent work. I look forward to our relationship continuing to build and grow.
— Charles DeLoney
Since takeover by Vertus Properties, the overall income at all three locations has gone up by approximately 60%. We attribute this to a combination of their attention to detail regarding expenses and the quality of the resident manager’s keeping the vacancy near zero.
— Herbert Krumpe
Lidia, and her team, have managed Sacramento area apartment properties for me for nearly ten years....She is always responsive to inquiries and quickly implements any idea or change that I have requested. Bookkeeping, including income collection and accounts payable, is done timely and reported in a very user-friendly electronic format. Moreover, Lidia is a hard working, honest and respected manager who sets high standards for herself, her employees and the properties Vertus manages. I think Vertus and Lidia are an excellent hire.
— John Dailey
Lidia, and her company are unbelievably wonderful. They can take a broken down, badly managed complex and completely turn it around. They physically make it look like new and completely improve the tenant profile. They have done it for me. Lidia and her staff really know how to manage apartments. I would highly recommend Vertus Properties.
— Paul Prudler
Today, as I write this testimony on the value and benefits of Vertus Properties, my property has never performed better. Lidia’s team has followed through and executed down to the finest detail. I am finally seeing the asset I purchased back in 2002 perform as I always believed it could. What distinguishes Vertus from other management companies is their knowledge of the Sacramento market and Lidia’s instincts. She takes a thoughtful and methodical approach to her business...I believe that Lidia and her team consider it a personal responsibility and obligation to contribute every resource at their disposal to the success of the operation. This is perhaps the greatest distinction.
— John Quinn